CSP005 | Chris Collins

CSP005 Chris Collins Corrupt Systems Techno Podcast May 2015

Chris Collins
Corrupt Systems Techno Podcast
[May 2015]


May’s Techno Podcast comes direct from a DJ/Producer that we’ve had the pleasure of working with since the Omniverse EP, Chris Collins.

Since then he’s gone on to do some amazing things, such as running Break on Fnoob, creating his own net label in the shape of Anti Gasmask Techno Militia, as well as producing tracks & mixes for countless labels. Quick someone get a wet cloth, this man is on FIRE!


Chris Collins –Keep It
The Machinists – Trek
David Meiser – Pressure
G3D9 – Hound
Ruskin & Broom – Erotic Misery
Lowkilla – Sequency of Distruction
Relapso – Edge State
Pears & Tills – Take Off
Allan Snowden – Broken Man
Stanny Franssen & Ortin Cam – It Used To B
A Bamps – Pour Ceux (Geeboy Remix)
Nik Feral – Urbanise (Edelstahl Remix)
Dorbachov – Hive
Lowkilla – Faithless World
G3D9 – Compile
Klaps – Dusk
Anti Gasmask Techno Militia – 9.2
Allan Snowden – Sphere
Klaps – Paradox
Anti Gasmask Techno Militia – 9.4
Who Da Funk – Shiny Disco Balls (Darkskye Bootleg)
Anti Gasmask Techno Militia – 9.1
Vegim & Nuno Zanga – Emersion
David Meiser – Descending into the Abyss
Simon Heartfield – Demon Core


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