Rogers – Episode 17

For the 17th Episode of the #Corrupt #Systems #Podcast we are please to welcome #ROGERS. Currently living in New York and originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador, he has been amassing a huge following across the globe and recently reached out to us to record a set for the CS Podcast, we couldn’t wait to get him involved. As a DJ he has featured on Podcasts such as #StalkingTechno , #TechNights and played at events like #Hexagon , #TakenNYC , #RithemNY , #TechnoMansion and many more.

Rogers is also an accomplished Producer with his EP on #WarriorCityRecords called ‘Deep Thoughts’. We highly suggest checking it out.…

We are very pleased to welcome him to our humble techno podcast.


1. Reinier Zonneveld – Acid Incident (Thomas Schumacher Remix)
2. Reinier Zonneveld – Back into consciousness (Original mix)
3. Spektre – Biohazard (original mix)
4. Marcal – Cerebral Mass (original mix)
5. Rebel Boy – Cashmere (original mix)
6. Hidden Empire – C166W (original mix)
7. Joyhauser – Resistance (original mix)
8. Sara Krin – I Fly to Russia (original mix)
9. Mathys Lenre – Wonder (original mix)
10. Thomas Schumacher – Become human (original mix)
11. Mario Ochoa – Chasing Perfection (original mix)
12. Segler – Driller (original mix)
13. Yellowheads – Transmission (original mix)
14. FJAAK – DICA (original mix)
15. UMEK – Hypnosis (original mix)
16. Pig&Dan – Losing part of me (original mix)

Rogers Social Links:

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