Darkmode – Nubian Queen Remixes [CS040]


Darkmode – Nubian Queen Remixes [CS040]

We are pleased to announce the long awaited return of Darkmode to Corrupt Systems. It’s been a while since we last had the pleasure of working with him, way back in 2009 when he release his track ‘Nubian Queen’. It’s now 2015, so we decided that enough was enough and needed to get some remixer’s involved and a 2015 version from Darkmode himself. Remixes from Jules Wells, G-Prod, Oris, Phonophlux and Rob Maguire.

Support from 3Phazegenerator / Africa Islam / Anderson Noise / Andi Durrant / Cave DJz / Chris Collins / Dj Clarkee / C-system / Da General / Daz Furey / DJ K.N / Evron19 / Jake Conlon / Jam El Mar / Jay Denham / John Warwick / Lia Organa / Louk / Luke McMillan / Mark Neenan / Mat TheZone] / Matteo Pitton / Maxx / Mika / MoodyO / Moonplay / Nori / Paul Langley – Jackstar / Paula Cazenave / Sascha Zastiral / Seb Sanchez / Sirius Brown / Steve Pain / Takashi Watanabe / Tiptoe / Tom Page / Tony Verdi / Veztax and many more…



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