14anger – Xxttrrminate EP [CS039]


14anger – Xxttrrminate EP [CS039]

Our second EP of 2015 features a Techno producer who we’ve been keeping a close eye on since his remix of Ants back in 2014. 14anger, of Club Poison fame (as well as countless other labels), has been involved in the music industry in one way, shape or form, for decades, and believe us when we tell you, this EP is an example of him on top form!! Not forgetting the savage array of remixes from the likes of C-System, Giacomo Sturiano, Hardom, Oris & SFXdj. If you’re not already, start listening. 😉

Support from Perc, The Advent, Mark EG, Coefficient, Jay Denham, Patrick DSP, Matt TDK, C-System, Stefano Infusino, Atie Horvat, Chris Collins, Kenny Campbell, Obstruct, Gery Otis, Huck Farper, 2LOUD, R.Cooper, Plural, Cave Djz, Anthony Jimenez, Rene Reiter, Mike Stern, Millhouse, Joseph McGeechan, Delectro, Kenny Mulligan, Audio Perversion, Droid, Omid Dubtek, Henneke, My Evil Twiin, Under Konstruktion, Enrico Fuerte, Mid Wooder, Adrian Bell, Nomad, Giacomo Sturiano, D’Jamency, The Cube Monkies, Bluekim, Darren Broomhead, RSTD, Vincent Hiest, w1b0, Jay_Dub, Variant, Fr33k, Dan Deliverance + more!



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