Noro – Fusion EP [CS021]

Noro - Fusion EP [Website Image]

Noro – Fusion EP [CS021]

Founder of the Label Carmarage Records, producer of electronic music from Banska Bystrica (Slovakia), dedicated predominantly Techno style. He was inspired first time by Front 242, Altern 8, KLF, Quadrophonia … Later by hardcore compilations as Thunderdome, Terrordrome, Earthquake … Noro start his career with djěng in 2002 and producing in 1995. He has also organizing events such as Vortech 1-7, Cyberspace 1-2, Apokalypsa warmup, Lavatech, Upgrade, Techwar, Techbazz, Deep Night, D.N.A., Nanotech, Techno Terror warmup, Digestor, Witchcraft 1-3 … He played on events in such cities Banská Bystrica (Arcade, Hacienda (later Rosvel), Level 12, Irish, Face, Amos, Delfín, Lavazza), Bratislava (Elam), Olomouc (Envelopa) (CZ), Zvolen (Casablanka, areal Orlík, PinkCafe, World club), Kremnica, Nove Zámky(No3, CCX), Teplý Vrch (Open air), Lipovec (Open air), Veselí nad Moravou (Merkur) (CZ), Zemplínska Sírava (motel Kamenec), Vrútky (Willson), Detva, Kosice (Radical, Stars, Aso), Sala (Metroklub), Nitra (Stará Pekáren), Martin (Elephant, Amfiko), Brezno (Chillout bar), Horná Streda (BeeFree), Liptovský Hrádok (La Bastilla), Nové Mesto Nad Váhom (Toreto), Michalovce (K&M) …..


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